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It’s safe to say, that the multi-billion dollar hair care industry is continuing to grow. And everyone from influencers to women who want to wear protective styles are interested or intrigued by long tresses. It would be hard to travel far without seeing someone wearing Malaysian, Indian, Cambodia or Peruvian hair extensions as a way to play, experiment or even sewn on to protective braiding styles for natural hair. But with the investment of such hair one wonders how to maintain it on a day today basis. Obviously you can’t wash this hair every single day or at least you shouldn’t. So what are some options to maintaining styles in between shampoos or a visit to your favorite stylist? One market category that I personally have enjoyed watching grow is that of the dry shampoo category.

Years ago before it was even an option, clients would use baby powder to gently tap into their scalp in order to lift up any dirt oil. They would then brush it out so that the hair would be refreshed. Fast forward to today this idea has evolved into aerosols of dry shampoos.

So how does it work? A dry shampoo is in a aerosol can, it sprays out with typically no color or fragrance. However, there are some that have hair perfume fragrances like lemon, cherry, coconut and many more. It is to be sprayed at least 2 to 5 inches away onto your hair. After spraying a moderate amount you then take your paddle brush, comb or maybe even tousle with your hands to remove the excess dry shampoo out. This process removes any dirt and oil from your hair and scalp refreshing your hair. 

My personal favorite dry shampoo is by Batiste. It is natural and comes in different scents to add an extra fresh zest to your hair. This brand can be found in travel sizes or large cans retailing no more than $10-$12. Batiste products can be found at Ulta Beauty, Walmart or CVS. Visit one of their locations today and give it a try. Enjoy not having to over wash your hair while still being able to remove excess dirt, oil or odors.

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