FRO Natural Hair Care



In 2002 I made the gradual transition from perming my hair to rocking a huge Afro. Over the years I realized that women who embarked on this journey were forced to buy products that didn't always suit their hair care needs. That is why I  developed FRO Natural Hair Care. FRO products are amazing for all natural hair patterns BUT caters to the 3A-4C community. FRO is a unique line rich with natural ingredients from around the world. Use FRO products to hydrate, protect, detangle and promote hair growth so that you can enjoy being naturally you.

-Brooke Young, owner and product developer

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Natural hair is natural hair, what's up with all of these "types" we hear about, right? Well hair pattern types do matter because they determine the level of treatment one needs or styling products that work best for them. Below are some natural hair types that will give you an idea of what beautiful tresses are atop your head. 



  • Wide tooth comb- Wide tooth combs, preferably wooden are, essential for gently combing natural hair. They aim to prevent harsh tugging and pulling from the roots and overall breakage. I prefer to separate and comb out my hair after using the FRO Hydrating Conditioner or Leave-in Conditioner Spray. This will allow the hair to be thoroughly coated so that the ingredients can be distributed p
  • GHD Professional Styler (Owner's Fav)- I don't know about you, but I love how versatile my hair can be. Nothing fascinates me more than when I succeed at a silk press with my own natural hair. AND THEN when I don't want that look POOF! Wash it out and my gorgeous coils are back atop my head. For ten years I have owned the GHD professional styler to flat iron my hair. It does not over heat or scorch my hair pattern. To me its all about options. That's what makes this journey fun for me. The FRO Scalp Treatment and the FRO Pro Twist Out pomade can act as a heat protector. 
  • Styling rods- Size matters! The size of the rods you choose will determine the size of your beautiful ringlets. Drench your hair with the FRO Leave-in Conditioner, use a wide tooth comb to gently comb and separate hair, then wrap desired selection around appropriate rod. You can allow your hair to air dry or use an at home dryer.
  • At home hair dryers- Set your style at home any time you like with an at home hair dryer system. To me the biggest benefit of having an at home dryer is that is saves time and money. The FRO Scalp Treatment and the FRO Pro Twist Out pomade can act as a heat protector.  
  • YOUR HANDS!- The most essential natural styling tools needed to accentuate your crown are your wonderful hands. Getting in touch with your roots by making the commitment to grow your own healthy natural hair is a beautiful experience. At times, like most people, we often get bored or frustrated with style options. That too is natural! So don't forget how creative you can become when you put your hands to work by designing original styles that speak to your unique look. Twist outs, box braids, two-strand twist, cornrows and so many more amazing styles are literally right at your finger tips! Try my new FRO Pro Twist Out pomade to get your desired look. So go have fun and GET STARTED!


Experience the top Five ingredients found throughout the FRO Hair Care Line...

1. Chebe Powder for growth, strength and manageability between styles.

2. Organic Neem Oil to reduce dandruff, condition scalp and smooth frizz.

3. Aloe Vera Juice for shine, growth and preventing itchy scalp.

4. Moroccan Argan Oil prevents breakage, adds shine and hydration.

5. Asian Pear Oil for a crisp long lasting natural fragrance.